ICN Known Issues - 4

Custom MIME Type not workingSymptom You want to use a new MIME Type in IBM Content Navigator, for example application/dita+xml. You did add a File Type filter under the settings panel from the administrator (DITA files using the dita MIME Type you just created). Then you used this file type filter to filter an entry template associated on a folder. However the entry template is never displayed when adding a document. Instead you only see entry templates for Any type of file, or no entry template at all if you have none without filter.
Here we were expecting our entry template associated to the DITA file type filter You’ve tried adding a MIME Type mapping to inform ICN in WebSphere virtual host, ICN’s web.xml and modify CE’s but nothing worked (well if you didn’t try these I can tell you it doesn’t).
Cause ICN uses its own mapping to map file extension to MIME Type. They currently cannot me modified, therefore ICN when retrieving the MIME Type in the add wizard to…